Italian Station

620 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

This cute little coffee shop, by far, is in my top five places to stop for my java fix. In fact, it’s become a standard stop for weekly date night with my hubby. My normal drink of choice anywhere else is some kind of mocha or a breve latte. Recently, I decided to venture out and try Italian Station’s Honey Lavender latte. I now have a new favorite drink!

Upon entrance, you’ll find a trendy seating area with places to plug in and work or charge your phone and people watch. It’s also a great place to connect & visit. I’ve made some great new connections here!

This little coffee boutique brings out the friendly side of both employees & customers. Anita, the manager, knows her stuff when it comes to coffee. I can ask her any question about espresso drinks and syrups and she has the answer. She sets the tempo for her employees with a work-hard-and-have-fun approach, and it shows.

Italian Station offers both sweet and savory food. For me, gluten-free food is preferred, and most of their food is not gluten-free except the caprese salad in a cup and gelato. Both are delicious! That said, I’ve sampled some of their other dreamy sweets from friends, and I was left wanting my own slice of deliciousness. Besides coffee, Italian Station offers other types of beverages —like flavored waters and healthy juices in their cooler section.

One of the many things I love about Italian Station is the plethora of featured local artists among whose interests are pottery, baked goods, soap, photography, paintings, and writing. These artists often have small shops around the area or are just starting to get their product out into our community. Because Italian Station is located downtown Fredericksburg right next to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, this is a fabulous place to show off our local talent.

Anita and her crew enthusiastically approach the time of year with fun café decor providing a thoughtful touch of warmth and charm year-round. Even their drink options reflect varying celebrated holidays like Mocha Strawberry for Valentine’s Day and Leprechaun Boots Mocha —which is a milk chocolate mocha with pistachio and caramel— for Saint Patty’s Day. Both are sooooooo delish, by the way!


As most downtown establishments in Fredericksburg, canines are welcome —on a leash, of course. Nearly every business owner provides a dog dish with water outside his/her establishment. And there are a handful of businesses that will allow owners to bring their canine friends inside. Italian Station is one such enterprise. Twice now, I’ve brought our beabull (¾ bulldog, ¼ beagle) puppy to visit our barista friends behind the counter. Hank was warmly greeted with snuggles, puppy talk, and a pup-cake (literally a doggie cupcake) and a “pupaccino” (a small cup of whipped cream). I wish I’d taken a picture of both of those treats! Next time! Of course, this java boutique is now Hank’s favorite, too!

All in all, this café is a fun place to be, whether you’re meeting a friend or just want a place to hang out —inside or outdoors. If you’re downtown Fredericksburg and looking for a du jour place to quench your thirst or grab some sustenance, I give Italian Station two thumbs up —a definite recommendation!

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